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At Zenearth our team of designers and stylists customizes a plan suitable for your individuality and your objectives. It suits all lifestyles and all budget for each of our clients.

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Event planner

Our objective is to be a one-stop shop for all our client’s design needs. We ensure that we see through each stages of the project until its completion. Our team of architects, designers, and stylists will create a tailored design plan that is a reflection of you or your business. We begin with in-depth research and scour the globe to find you the perfect pieces, all the while adhering to your budget and your objectives.

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Whether you are deciding to sell your property or would like to transform your place of business and store, our property staging services is sure to attract any buyers and customers. We provide both occupied staging where we will use owner’s furnishing and accessories into the design, as well as, vacant staging, which is a comprehensive staging service. All the while, keeping in mind the target demographic and the budget of our clients.

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Our Service
Our Service

Digital marketing

Offering a full range of designs for your retail space. We offer services for the following spaces:

Restaurant & Cafe 

Office Design

Hotel and Homestay Design

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Our Service

House Renovation

Specializing in all phases of residential design and interiors, our goal is to truly transform your space into a home which reflects your individuality. We change the function and energy of your space to fit your lifestyle and your aesthetics. Let us help you with the transformation of your space whether you are looking to remodel or a new build. Our full range of services include space planning, furniture selections, kitchen and bath design, an architectural space review and accessorizing.


Renovation & Remodelling


Advices & Consultation

Professional Workers

Professional Workers

Renovation Plan

We know that embarking into renovations can be daunting and expensive. That is why we make the process as seamless as possible to ensure that we are with you from concept through execution. Our renovation plan starts with meeting with our team of architects and designers and drawing out each stages of the renovation, providing transparency and managing expectations. 

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We would love to hear about your upcoming project! Contact us to book a 1:1 consultation with one of our talented designers so we can discuss your project in great detail together and get a quote. Initial consultations will be free of charge.